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Otsukare sama deshita – Leaving your company

People usually only talk about the bad parts of working in a Japanese company. The hours, the hierarchy, and the intrusiveness of being part of a group. Ptyx was working in a design firm and he had his last day on Wednesday. His coworkers threw him a wakarekai, a “good bye” party:

Unless you’ve worked in a japanese company you have no idea how much this is a big deal. Japanese people put the emphasis on being part of a group and a work group in today’s society is as important as a family can be.

Read more on his blog.

UPDATE: Taro reminds anybody leaving their Japanese job to collect the all-important “Permission to Leave the Company” certificate before walking out the door (see the comments below).

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3 Responses to “Otsukare sama deshita – Leaving your company”

  1. Taro, at Says:

    IMPORTANT WARNING–REMEMBER: You must obtain a “Permission to Leave the Company” certificate to quit a company. By law you must have present it to get your next job and by law for ex-employeer must issue it.
    HOWEVER, a many times a Japanese boss thinks failing to issue this certificate is a fun way to screw over a gaijin. It really sucks to have to grovel to ask for this certificate weeks after you quit or got fired. Even though your -ex-boss is required to issue it, many times they don’t automatically offer it to foreigners as they do to all Japanese.

  2. Chris Says:

    After reading your very clean web site, despite all the hard work that will be ahead of me, I still want to live and work in Japan. Thanks for the links they are already helping me. being an IT/Software Dev guy at a major Telco I do not want to teach English..

    Thanks again,

  3. Søren Kjær Vestergaard Says:

    I have always been inspired by the Japanese mind towards working. The concentration and balance is something that we in the West could learn a great deal from.

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