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Writing a Resume for Japan

Most of the jobs that you’ll apply for in Japan will require a resume in keeping with the international standard. If you’re applying for an English teaching job, be sure to highlight all relevant work experience, volunteer experience, education and certifications. Also be prepared to produce documents and certificates on demand. It’s always a good idea to email digital copies to yourself, because once you are overseas it might not be so easy to access them.

For jobs that require a Japanese-style resume, there are a few key points to keep in mind. In Japan a rirekisho resume form can be obtained from most stationary supply stores.

Many employers in Japan would like that you submit a photo with this form, so make sure that you have one available and ready to go. You should look professional and clean, and for men facial hair should be avoided (Japan tends to like the clean-cut Mormon look! Don’t ask me why).

For those of you who might need help with some of the vocabulary on a rirekisho, we’ve provided a few of the key words here, along with their translations:

  • Name 氏名(ふりがな)
  • Date of birth 昭和 (showa) 年(year) 月(month) 日生 (day)
  • Sex 性別 男 (male) 女 (female)
  • Put Photo Here 写真を貼る位置
  • Current address 現住所 〒 postcode
  • Contact detail 連絡先
  • Phone/Mobile phone 携帯
  • Academic & work background 学歴・職歴
  • Licenses & qualification 免許・資格
  • Motivation, skill, favorite subjects, etc. 志望の動機、特技、好きな学科など
  • a. how long do you take to travel from your house to company 通勤時間 約 時間 分
  • b. the number of family members you need to support (excluding husband and wife) 扶養家族(配偶者を除く) 人
  • c. Put a circle whether you have a spouse or not 配偶者 有 (have) 無 (none)
  • d. circle whether you are obliged to support your spouse 配偶者の扶養義務 有 無
  • Request for the company 本人希望記入欄 (salary, occupation, working hours, location, etc)
  • Guardian 保護者 (if underage)
  • Address of the guardian 住所 〒
  • Phone/Fax of guardian

rirekishoPicture from Mad Tokyo, Writing the rirekisho

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One Response to “Writing a Resume for Japan”

  1. Nathan Wawruck Says:

    Thanks for the great article. It can be quite a lot of work to create a Japanese resume, but once you have done it once, it is easy to update in the future. Please contact me if you are interested to get feedback on your resume, especially if you want to teach in Japan.

    Nathan Wawruck
    Teemii Recruit
    http://recruit.teemii. com

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